We have the experience and training to properly fit you with contact lenses that will be comfortable, and give you good vision.

There are many lens choices available, including coloured lenses, ones for astigmatism, and even bifocal lenses. There are also some new lens choices that are designed for people with dry eyes. New silicone-hydrogel lenses are the latest technology available in contact lenses. They allow significantly more oxygen to the cornea than previous contacts, which is needed for good corneal health. These healthier contacts, can allow you to wear your contacts longer with a decreased risk of damage to the eyes.

Because you are getting your contacts fitted by your doctor, if any minor adjustments need to be made it makes the process much easier. This is especially important for more complicated fittings like astigmatism, and bifocal contact lenses.


Daily disposable lenses are what we recommend for the safest option and least risk of eye infection. Daily disposable lenses are usually more comfortable as there is no protein build up on the lenses as well as being more convenient as they don't require cleaning.


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