50% off a second pair

(equal or lesser value)


We carry a wide selection of fashionable frames at very reasonable prices (starting at $99).  All frames come with a 1 year warranty against defects or breakage due to normal wear. 


Every person has different needs, and it is important that you get the best lens choice for you. With so many lens choices available now, it can be confusing. There are specialty lenses designed for tasks such as computer use.


Be sure to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff. We can direct bill most insurance companies for you. We only sell high quality Essilor lenses. You can learn more here at their website.


It is important for everyone to have proper UV protection whenever outdoors, even on overcast days! Damage from UV rays, can lead to many eye diseases such as cataracts, and macular degeneration. Years of unprotected sun exposure can add up over a lifetime.


Polarized lenses are also available, which helps to decrease reflections off of surfaces like cars, snow, and especially water. They are a must for anyone who spends time on the water. They can also help if you have problems with glare.


We offer excellent quality name brand sunglasses, most of which can be made with your prescription.It is possible to have fashion AND function!  We carry Ray Ban among many other fashionable brands. We can direct bill most insurance companies for you.


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